Aphrodite (Greek Ἀφροδίτη) In Greek mythology, the goddess of love, beauty and sensu al desire and one of the canonical twelve Olympian deities. Originally responsible for the growth and emergence, i


t was only later to the love goddess. The counterpart in Roman mythology, Venus ..

According to Hesiod she is the daughter of Uranus. His son Cronus cut him, on the advice of his mother Gaia, the genitals with a sickle blow off and "threw it behind him" into the sea. The blood and semen mingled with the sea that foamed up all around and it gave birth to Aphrodite, which then led by Zephyros first to Cythera, then went to the coast of Cyprus on land and their nakedness shrub hid behind a myrtle. There Horae adorned her before she was introduced to the immortals.

Hyginus Mythographus adapts the birth myth of the Syrian Semiramis and says she was hatched from an egg that had been rolled fish ashore and hatched by doves.

According to Nonnus and Pausanias, it is the goddess Thalassa, "the sea," which received the seed. After she was taken in Olympus, she was the adopted daughter of Zeus.  Aphrodite was married with Hephaestus, the god of fire and blacksmithing, but she constantly cheated with mortals and immortals. Notoriously was their long relationship with the god of war Ares, emerged from the Eros, Harmonia, Phobos, Deimos and Anteros - as it sings also Demodocus at the Phaeacians in his burlesque song.According to Homer, the two were caught right in the act of Hephaestus in flagrante delicto in a network. When he presented as the other gods, raised this the proverbial "Homeric laughter".

From Aphrodite's love affair with the Trojan Anchises showed Aeneas (Greek Aeneas), hero of the Trojan War, which then should be one of the mythical ancestors of the Romans, and from his son, the Julian clan, to which Gaius Julius Caesar belonged sprang. They also begat Dionysus and Priapus with Hermes the Hermaphroditos. They also loved the the beautiful Adonis, who, however, was killed by the jealous Ares in the form of a boar while hunting.