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Welcome to the Saint Seiya Fan WikiEdit

This wiki is related to my fanfiction Saint Seiya: Penultimate War and The Azul Flame (in progress).

If you wish to read the story, please check Einstein's mistakes on and check it out.

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This is an extension of my fanfiction of Saint Seiya: Penultimate War and The Azul Flame, both of which are fanfictions in progress created by me. I have been a fan of Saint Seiya for almost ten years, so I want to show my appreciation to my childhood comic and create a story of my own.

The descriptions in this fanfiction is to describe the characters that show in the fanfiction so that the reader would be able to better see the battles and descriptions. It is also to clarify any confusions the reader may have so that they do not go Gungho against me.

So I hereby start my official fanfiction/wiki system from today.

April 17th, 2011

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